We advise and represent companies (large enterprises as well as SMEs) and associations in the entire spectrum of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings under competition law. With targeted legal communication and public affairs, we convince not only authorities, but all their stakeholders and the public of your values.

Agon Partners

AGON gathers a team of highly specialized professionals in the area of antitrust and competition law under one roof.

AGON PARTNERS supports, counsels and represents companies (large enterprises and SMEs), associations, industry organizations and private individuals across the full range of civil and administrative antitrust proceedings.

AGON PARTNERS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AG develops, supports and implements litigation communication strategies and competition policy campaigns.


Thursday, 07.04.2022

Theme:  GAFAM - A challenge for competition authorities and legislators
Date, Time
: 7. April 2022
Location: TBA

Monday, 20.09.2021

Thema: Die Schweizer Kartellrechtstagung 2021
Datum, Zeit
: 20. September  2021
Ort: Online-Veranstaltung

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