Public Affairs

AGON PARTNERS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AG develops, supports and implements procedural communication strategies and competition policy campaigns.

About us

AGON PARTNERS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AG specialises in public relations in the field of litigation, public affairs and value communication (diversity and sustainability) with offices in Bern and Zurich. It was founded in 2021 by Prof. Dr. Patrick Krauskopf and Michel Rudin. AGON PARTNERS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AG is part of AGON PARTNERS and is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Prof. Dr. Patrick L. Krauskopf, Verwaltungsratspräsident, Partner

Michel Rudin, Verwaltungsratsmitglied, Partner

Stefan Kilchenmann, Verwaltungsratsmitglied

Béla Anda, Verwaltungsratsmitglied

Simone Müller-Staubli, Counsel

Yudi Seren, Marketing responsible

Miriam Mende, Public Affairs



(i) Diagnosis: Analysis of the need for in-process public relations before, during and after proceedings.

(ii) Remedy: Design and implementation of a tailor-made in-process public relations towards authorities (WEKO, courts), media, politics as well as the public in general.

Public Affairs

(i) Diagnosis: Tailored analysis of the policy-making processes in the area of sector regulation.

(ii) Remedy: Design and implementation of public relations and influencing towards politics (cantonal and federal level), authorities, media and the general public.

Communication of values

(i) Diagnosis: Analysis of societal development in the area of values (diversity, climate, etc.) with a focus on potential regulatory developments in the supply chain.

(ii) Remedy: Design and implementation of corporate positioning vis-à-vis NGOs, politics, authorities, media and the general public.

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