At AGON PARTNERS we conduct audits, implement compliance programs that meet the standards of the regulatory authorities, we develop meaningful compliance policies and train employees with practical expertise. In this way, competition law violations which carry high fines are identified and eliminated before they become a problem.

Best Practices

Training & coaching in customized best practices

(i) Diagnose: Analyse von Prozessen und Strategien und deren Risiken im Hinblick auf wettbewerbsrechtliche Vorschriften.

(ii) Remedur: Entwicklung von massgeschneiderten und effizienten Compliance-Lösungen für einen reibungslosen Geschäftsalltag. Risikosensibilisierung und Vertiefung des Sachwissens bei risikogefährdeten Mitarbeitenden durch gezielte Schulungen auf höchstem didaktischen Niveau.

(iii) Aktuelle Mandate (Auswahl): Baumärkte, Elektronik-Hersteller.


Assessment and certification of compliance measures

(i) Diagnosis: Measure existing compliance initiatives against the benchmark of state-of-the-art compliance measures.

(ii) Remedy: Update, optimize and certify compliance measures to meet regulatory requirements. Review the transparency of existing processes and documentation.

(iii) Currents mandates (selection): Paint and varnish industry, healthcare retailers, auto spare parts industry.

Compliance programs & Line of defense

Design and implement compliance programs

(i) Diagnosis: Identify procedural gaps and risk exposure in the field of antitrust law compliance.

(ii) Remedy: Design and implement effective, process-driven, proactive compliance defense programs in collaboration with clients.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Automotive industry, brokerages and investment companies, tobacco industry.

Compliance Officer

AGON compliance management: Outsourcing & risk management

(i) Diagnosis: Observe the company’s market activities and the degree of compliance with regulatory requirements, under the protection of client legal privilege.

(ii) Remedy: Utilize AGON PARTNERS outsourcing services to secure antitrust compliance, improved efficiencies in the management of internal resources and enhanced credibility in the area of compliance.

(iii) Current mandates (selection): Media companies, watch industry.

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